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Welcome to M2L-Consulting

M2L-Consulting is a company based in Coblence on the rhine, specialising in

  • planning,
  • concepting,
  • consulting and
  • coaching of

your ambitions to use media for communicating knowledge.

We are focussed on didactical and methodical design, which includes planning and working with you on audio and video and presentation media.

M2L-Consulting has been founded 2015 by Andreas Auwärter, research associate in national and european Projects and Founder od the podcasts Bildung im Dialog, Koblenz’n’Radio and  Deichstadtradio.

The open platform “Videoakademie” at the University of Koblenz-Landau, run by the  Knowledge-Media-Institute and the Competence-Center of Study and Professional Development, was piloted by him and many explainer-, information- and trainingvideos were accompanied through his coaching and production activities.

Andreas Auwärter is contracted lecteurer  at the University of Koblenz-Landau in the sector of Media Literacy and contributed at conferences, talks and workshops.

The objektives of M2L-Consulting

With M2L-Consulting at your side you will be empowered to design your media more effective and more efficient – especially if they are shared at intra-company-level. 
You want to design and distribute your intra-organisational media on your own? We would like to offer our service and offer coaching concepts from your first draft idea to the final product.
We declare our work done, if you are able to develop your strategy and design on your own matching your context and objectives. 
With more than 100 coached podcast productions, videocasts, screencasts, presentations and lectures, internet-radio shows and  system-pilots, technical light installations; blended and online lectures, interviews, research activities and co-productions with students, adults, conference participants, employees and executive personell, screencast-designs … – take a look at our portfolio.

The other business sectors of M2L-Consulting:

Media as tools for knowledge transfer. Strategic development, consulting, coaching, training and production in particular with aspects of didactical design.
Podcasting, live- internetradio and educasting as pedagogical intervention.

Learn more at:

*** http://podcasting4learning.de ***

Acoustic  Co-Creation for your event. Bowl down your events mission and result to an essence in a radioshow. Explore and document your event with ethnographic methods. Discover your event through the participants eye.

Learn more at:

*** http://www.audio-graph.de ***

Our Crazy Skills

Planning and developing 91
Piloting 95
Executing and producing 75
Evaluating 80
Re-implementing und optimising 95

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